Access Control

Trusted access

Business Network Team has the understanding and applied knowledge that takes us far beyond the access card. We make sure the areas you need secured are covered. We design and install comprehensive, user-friendly access control systems.

In an era of heightened security where physical threat vectors can lie nearly anywhere, Business Network Team's approach to access control centers directly on providing protection for you and your data, your facility and your employees. We're providing access control not only to your most valuable assets, but your people as well.

Safeguard your data and your people

Imagine a system that grants and denies access to your business with cloud-based intelligence. Imagine a safer school with a better plan. Access control isn't just about data—it's about people too. 


Structure access the way you need it

Whether you're storing medical data, valuable assets or your personal data, our team of experts consults with you to understand your needs and compliance requirements. We’ll work directly with you to identify the access control system that is the best solution for your environment.

One-stop access control services

We integrate access control across multiple technology platforms including cameras, access cards, visitor management, crowd flow and security. In doing so, we focus on providing a single point of service for the many of steps involved in complete access control, from in-house wiring services to emergency-focused digital signage.


Fully integrated systems

From a security/safety perspective to visitor management and workflow, we help you fully design your vision for traditional or cloud-based access control