Perfect sound completes the experience

Business Network Team's commercial audio installation capabilities run the gamut from small sound presentations with microphones and embedded speakers to monitor arrays blasting crisp, full audio to thousands of guests.

Commercial audio needs to be heard, not seen. Business Network Team focuses on installing an immersive, seamless audio experience without the appearance of installed technology affecting the aesthetic of your facility. Our approach to audio installations and audio system integrations has taught us that every space is unique and no two clients are the same. We approach each installation with a custom design generated by our team. 


Clearly capture your next board meeting

We custom-program control interfaces and DSP (digital signal processing) systems to tune your space perfectly for your next event. Whether it be a board meeting or a concert—we know professional and business-focused audio best.

Amplify your customer's experience

Business Network Team worked on an complete facility A/V overhaul with Foundry Social in Medina, Ohio.

The right treatment for your space

Room treatments, acoustic tuning and other sound treatment options are a leading line of service within our audio division.


High impact audio

Live audio is a complex business of technology, practicality and good planning. Business Network Team's longevity in this space is unmatched when it comes to delivering high impact events with production-grade audio sound systems.

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