The carrier
you need

Business Network Team narrows down the vast amount of telecom carriers available to your company, eliminating the confusion, complexity of pricing and need for design.

Business Network Team is ready to assist you in isolating the best telecom solution for your organization. Selecting the ideal carrier is a long, complex process involving hours of research. It's difficult to even search on Google. With dozens of carriers available in our demo room and direct access to their engineers, we can quickly put your team in the position to review engineered designs for your deployment.

Moving Healthcare to a Hybrid/Cloud

Hear from O'Neill Healthcare on BNT's solution to connecting multiple sites using a hybrid/cloud system.

Dial into dozens of providers


Why are there so many options?

With so many different UCaaS options available today, there are no two telecom providers that look completely the same. We have a deep understanding of how each provider's product line, cloud-based portal and mobile integration factors into their overall performance and comparison to peers.

A look into the process of selecting a carrier

A better way to communicate

Adopting a UCaaS solution presents your organization with the opportunity to reduce its costs, improve its agility and accelerate access to new and expanding collaboration capabilities.

  • Singular system for voice, video, email, fax or instant message communications

  • Real-time, peer-to-peer communications

  • Mobile phone apps

  • Web-based operator consoles

  • Support for all popular devices, including Cisco and Polycom

  • Ability to collect and manage user availability and communication preferences