Connect your space

From office complexes to the highest density entertainment venues, Business Network Team creates internet access and deploys wi-fi access points configured to meet the needs of the most demanding enterprises.

Business Network Team's enterprise wi-fi services are designed to handle the challenges of modern corporate networks. We offer the design and deployment of a wide range of enterprise wireless solutions including wi-fi access points, managed switches, on-premise security controllers and cloud-based management platforms.


Get insights from location analytics, deliver guest experiences

We combine innovative data sets and machine learning with decades of location modeling experience. Let us help you develop smarter location strategies and make the right investment decisions.

Wireless can be better

No two companies or organizations have the same wi-fi needs. Let Business Network Team design a custom wireless network for you to optimize your existing network through advanced heatmapping and intelligent access point placement.

Surveying the scene

To ensure your facility's network is providing optimal coverage, Business Network Team will gain a solid understanding of the radio frequency behavior at your site, providing insight into any unique challenges that your location might present. Using heatmaps, we're able to identify weak areas or areas with no signal as well as troubleshoot areas with connection instability and determine the total number and placement of access points throughout the facility.


IX Center Wi-Fi Deployment

Business Network Team deploys Wi-Fi in the largest single building convention center in the USA.