Structured Cabling

Laying the foundation

From fiber-optic to copper, structured cabling forms the facility’s heartbeat as the digital life of your business or organization flows through it. Business Network Team is ready to handle your structured cabling for new construction or existing buildings.

While network cabling represents only a portion of an overall network, it can account for upwards of 80% of a network’s efficiency. Business Network Team will work directly with you and your team to design and install certified structured cabling. Our team specializes in the installation of certified voice and data cabling technology, including Category 5e, Category 6, Category 6a, fiber-optic and wireless networks. Through our process, each cable we install is tested and certified for the highest transmission quality available.

Different levels
of service

Proper structured cabling requires a skilled team. Our certified structured cabling installation services offer you the flexibility you need to accommodate the installation of new and existing complex cabling infrastructures. Beyond installation, we provide careful restructuring services for disorganized or poorly deployed network cores.

Peace of mind

Properly installed, organized and certified structured network cabling makes it easy to update your system and implement new changes without putting the rest of your infrastructure at risk.

Trust Business Network Team to future-proof your installation for the changing requirements of tomorrow's technology. 


A team of dedicated specialists

When you invest in structured network cabling, you make your network much easier to use and support. Our team is trained to install perfectly organized, routed cable throughout your facility no matter how large the scale.